Space Apps Vilnius

NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge is coming to Vilnius!

Join us the weekend of Oct 18-20, 2019 to tackle the most exciting multidisciplinary space challenges, work with real NASA data, and meet with aerospace experts! Collaborate with other space experts, coders, engineers, scientists, designers, artists, storytellers and students from all kinds of disciplines to develop solutions to challenges we currently face on Earth and in space. NASA challenges will be posted about one month before the event. Prove your ideas with mentors and experts. Compete to be nominated by local judges for global competition. Attendance is free.

Topics of the NASA challenges:

  • Earth’s Oceans. From beaches and salt marshes, to the open ocean, sea ice, and the sea floor, Earth’s oceans are dynamic. This challenge category will ask you to use NASA data to better understand and protect Earth’s oceans.
  • Our Moon. Across human history, our moon has been a faithful beacon to observers of the Earth’s sky. Challenges in this category will ask you to think creatively about our nearest neighbor, and to interpret NASA data and concepts to find solutions.
  • Planets Near And Far. From our neighboring planets to those only visible through the most powerful telescopes, other planetary bodies have long fascinated scientists, artists, and explorers. This challenge category will ask you to use NASA data to explore the systems of other planets, near and far.
  • To The Stars. Whether your interests lie in our solar system or beyond, outer space provides seemingly endless opportunity for study, exploration, and inspiration. Challenges in this category will invite you to think hard and be creative about space science and exploration, whether your viewpoint is scientific, technologic, artistic – or all three!
  • Living In Our World. The Earth is composed of complicated systems – land, water, air, living things, and the planet itself. Understanding how these systems work together is important. Challenges in this category will ask you to craft solutions using NASA data – a story, a game, a video, any product of your design – that capture what it’s like to live on Earth.

Hackathon participants are invited to develop useful apps for community. But it’s not just about apps! Challenges can be tackled using data visualization, design, story-telling with satellite images, analysing data from Earth, Moon, planets and stars and applying different specialties.

Hackathon participants who join this creative weekend are offered:

  • 2000 Eur fond for local awards
  • Possibility to be nominated for global NASA judging
  • Possibility to hack all night long and don’t worry about food
  • Networking with other inspiring space enthusiasts
  • Support by mentors and experts

Challenges of this year will be posted here. You can take a look at past challenges here. If you haven’t registered yet, you can do it here.

Visoriai Information Technology Park.

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