Office space for technological companies

Lease concessions for startups

Community of innovative companies

Convenient commuting (no traffic jams)

Meeting rooms and conference center

Open 24/7

Parking space

Relaxation area including table tennis and football

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Premises for rent:
  • Office space.
  • Conference space for events (up to 70 people).
  • Meeting rooms (for the VITP community).
  • Company registration address service (virtual office).
Aistė Meškauskaitė


Attraction of Investments
Infrastructure development
  • Attraction of local and foreign investment to develop a new R&D and innovation infrastructure and operations of new companies of VITP.
Promoting enterprise development
  • Attraction of investments to the expansion and technological renewal of VITP companies.
Edmundas Žvirblis

Acting director


We provide consulting services to hi-tech companies related to all stages of their development: their establishment, scale-up and growth.

R&D and Innovation Consulting
  • Evaluation of ideas and product concepts (based on Frascati and Oslo manuals)
  • Identification of required competences and capabilities
  • Search for partners and markets
Financial Consulting
  • Evaluation of funding opportunities for ideas and product concepts
  • Assistance in business plan development
  • Identification of public sources of funding, search for investors
Edmundas Žvirblis

Acting director

Innovation workshops

Innovation workshops are designed for companies seeking to receive insights and ideas for developing new products or improving their current products or services and to meet talented and motivated students.

The Way It Works:
  • Facilitators help to identify the real needs of the company and define the challenge.
  • Facilitators form a multidisciplinary team of students to solve the challenge.
  • A 2-month facilitated cooperation creates a solution to the company’s challenge: a prototype, demo version or concept.
Marija Sargautė

Rasa Milerytė

Innovation Project Manager


We encourage cooperation among Visoriai Information Technology Park businesses. We are receptive to the needs of the community.

Business Lunch
  • Concise (up to 1 hour) lectures or discussions aimed at information sharing with the VITP community.
Edmundas Žvirblis

Acting director

Conferences and Networking Events
  • Conferences, seminars and partnership events designed to facilitate cooperation among the VITP companies and clusters.
Juliana Semionova

Project Manager