Visoriai Digital Innovation Hub

ViDIH unites business oriented clusters, innovative high-tech companies and research institutions. ViDIH aims to become a strong intersectoral DIH at North-Easter Europe level, developing the activities in these four areas:

1) IT technologies;
2) Photonics, laser, space, telecomunications, scientific publishing and advanced manufacturing;
3) Consulting on access to funding, and the access to finance of implementation of digital solutions;
4) Relations with industry.

ViDIH has strong expertise in Big Data Management, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and applications for process control in various market verticals (photonics, laser, space, telecomunications, scientific publishing and advanced manufacturing) aiming to combine practical hands-on solutions and consulting activities with strengtened skills. Apart from mobilising business, technical and social capital to promote digitization locally, ViDIH would be very much interested in collaborating with other DIHs nationally and EU-wide.

DIH coordinator – VITP (Visoriai information technology park) is an experienced non profit organisation with 16 years of successful project management history and advanced network of collaboration in Santara Valley (Life Science, ICT, information technology development at Santara Valley is coordinated by VITP). There are partnerships with Vilnius University in areas of Mathematics and Informatics; R&D and technology transfer activities focus on (together with Vilnius Gediminas Technical University): industrial and business software development; recognition processes, data analysis and multi-modal optimization of multimedia technologies; tagging and contextual search of scientific information; development of new medical devices.


Services Provided

Businesses need to understand which technologies to invest in, when to invest and to what extent. ViDIH helps businesses and technology companies to become more competitive by means of digital technology. ViDIH allows any business to access the latest knowledge, expertise and technology for testing and experimenting with digital innovations. ViDIH provides connections with investors, facilitates access to funding, and helps connect suppliers and users of digital technologies. Present network allows ViDIH to provide full range of DIH services: awareness creation; ecosystem building, scouting, brokerage, networking; visioning and strategy development for businesses; collaborative research; concept validation and prototyping; testing and validation; pre-competitive series production; commercial infrastructure; digital maturity assessment; incubator/accelerator support; voice of the customer, product consortia; market intelligence; access to funding and investor readiness services; mentoring.


Examples of Services

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) Process Preparation And Machine Control

Client profile: Manufacturer of 3D printing machines

Client need: Development a new SLS machine:  new developments  needed for machine specific software functionality, to have a complete solution for 3D printing/additive manufacturing process preparation and control. Challenges: stereolitography (STL) file preparation – data handling and conversion into motion data quick and stable when working with big and complex models ; long term stability and reliability of the process; integration of unique custom hardware; recipie testing.

Provided solution: Client was provided special customised version of direct machining software. Main feature –  state of the art geometry handling algorithms providing fastest in the market STL slicing, hatching and preparation for printing: preparation of 5 million triangle STL is done within 30 seconds. Long term stability (processes with > 20 hrs duration) and reliability of the process was ensured by the efficient computer resource handling  when working with large and complex models. Flexible architecture of the solution and special safety measures  prevent system from crashing during long term fabrications. Support for custom control electronics was developed, and flexible recipe creation tool was created for highly automated and easy to change recipes. Using that, a special recipe was created to print an array of parts, each with a different parameter set. Each part has also a printed number on it for identification purposes. This allowed user to print 40 parts with unique parameter sets (scanning speed, laser power, volume filling density, layer thickness, etc.) and find best parameters quickly.

Solution provider:

Cognitio MB


Information System for Shipping Operations

Client profile: Shipping company controlling a fleet of 145 cargo vessels

Client need: Uniform IT solution for the monitoring and analysis of ship operations. Existing system, based on MS Excel, did not meet the needs for the effective consolidation and reporting of data transferred from sea to shore or continuous operation in the event of poor internet connections. The customer was unable to monitor, analyse and improve its operational processes.

Provided solution: Customer was offered a Microsoft .NET based solution comprising three modules (vessel, shore and data transfer). The vessel module collects all the information needed (such as location, speed, fuel type and consumption, and other parameters), including meteorological data. This information is affected by the extreme weather and sea conditions, and can be analysed in various layers. The shore module ensures the integrity of vessel data and appends it with meteorological and other information. The data transfer module allows the accumulated information for a vessel or fleet’s chosen key performance indicators (KPIs) to be easily analysed in various layers and ways. The solution has unified all data coming from sea to shore and streamlined vessel operations by shortening travel time and downtime in harbours. The system should decrease fuel consumption by up to 5% per vessel (the typical cost of fuel consumption per day amounts to about US$50,000) and contribute to reduced environmental pollution. The on board system significantly decreases the crew’s workload and allows onshore teams to monitor every vessel and quickly increase their operational efficiency in real time. Vessels with a similar construction can also be compared and their performance can be optimised.

Solution provider:

Baltic Amadeus JSC


Book Indexing Solution

Client profile: Scientific journal

Client need: to extract from the text most essential subjects showing what the current article or issue is about

Provided solution: AI based service that improves the quality of book indexing was developed:  automated book indexing solutions and software services, which generate primary book index/annotation in LaTeX files, were prepared. For the convenience of being able to use these advantages, user interface for editing book index in LaTeX files was also created. And, finally, book indexing solution AKIS was implemented in scientific journal.

Solution provider:



3D Inside plant inventory of Telco towers and sites

Client profile: Telecom tower company

Client need: Data about equipment and antennae installed inside sites, shelters, and on the towers was maintained in several non-linked forms: tabular inventory database, financial ERP, engineering and installation drawings, and appendixes of site/tower rent contracts. Reconciling these different sources of information with reality in practice was problematic and time consuming. Client needed effective digitalisation of this information.

Provided solution: LUNO, JSC, using  ERP, CAD, and GIS technologies,  has created inventory solution for an inside plant inventory of wireless communication sites and towers with a Sketch-up core and extended functionality for photo documentation handling and integration with a corporate ERP database. This project was carried out using the experience and collaboration of the client, and allowed to significantly reduce the audit and control time and expences. The client has supplied valuable data on present status and also telecommunication industry specific technical/legal requirements. Efficient planning, operations and optimization of the mobile communications network is possible only by using reliable network inventory data and modern tools. Tower companies have an established pricing model based on quantity and the relative heights of equipment placed on a tower. Thus it is critical for communication and tower companies to control and audit the tower and site inventory on a regular basis to manage network operations, leases and the revenue of the wireless infrastructure rent. Wireless network infrastructure consists of hundreds or thousands of geographically-spread facilities sites with the towers. These are relatively small facilities with a very important third dimension (height). Data about equipment and antennae installed inside sites, shelters, and on the towers is usually maintained in several non-linked forms: tabular inventory database, financial ERP, engineering and installation drawings, and appendixes of site/tower rent contracts. Reconciling these different sources of information with reality in practice is problematic and time consuming. Digitalisation of this information, creating an inventory solution, ERP with photos and graphics in 3D (critical for effective inventor), and Sketch-up  (an intuitive, widely adopted tool for 3D graphics) integrated Sketch-up is an effective tool for inside plant inventory.

Solution provider:

Mainsec JSC



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